Story ideas.

I’m considering topics that are either in the area where I live, at the University at Albany campus, or which are in the Capital Region and not specific to campus. So far, I have one broad topic, with a few smaller subtopics.

Business in the Capital Region

I never thought my interests would lead to business journalism. I generally have a distrust of businesses, but this may mean I can gather my information with a grain of salt, so to speak. I also have some knowledge of how stores and other businesses are run on the ground level, as well as contact with several store managers and business owners in my area. My ideas so far include:

What will happen to University at Albany campus center restaurants’ employees, profits, and infrastructure during the time of their being shut down for the campus center renovations? (This may have already been covered earlier when the story of the Campus Center being shut down was reported on.)

How will small businesses be dealing with tax seasons and the new laws and proposals put in place for this year?

Other links and ideas:

New York’s $1 billion broadband program

Sheldon Silver’s Arrest

Weather and other events’ effects

New York job and wage reports

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