Five People in My Life.

Previously, I’ve written about what sort of media I take in. Now, I’m looking at the people who are in my life, and in doing so finding out how these people shape me.

Chris Duncan

IMG_3895Age: 22

Hometown: “I don’t have a hometown.”

Relationship: Boyfriend

Chris Duncan and I used to work together in my hometown; I was a cashier, he was my supervisor. I was surprised when he asked me out, and so I said no; but I think I surprised him more when I changed my mind and asked him out three months later. I left my job for another one to continue dating Chris. He stayed on as a supervisor and received a promotion, but unfortunately lost his job three weeks ago. Given his current status, and being as stubborn as he is, it sometimes takes some time and effort to remind him how wonderful he is to me.

Nick Smith


Age: 19

Hometown: New Rochelle, N.Y.

Relationship: College Friend

Nick Smith is a sophomore majoring in journalism at the University at Albany. We met in our first journalism class at the university, and later decided to meet in the Colonial dining hall on campus. He surprised me with stories about his trip to Paris and how he too had been a choir and theater geek. We became study partners, and eventually Nick became one of my closet friends on campus. I believe I decided this when he walked into the lecture center on Halloween in a full Iron Man costume.

Jess Loskowitz


Age: 20

Hometown: Stuyvesant, N.Y.

Relationship: High School Friend

Jess moved to my hometown when we were in fifth grade. I was too shy to even speak to her, and so I had another friend translate my whispers to Jess. By middle school, she was one of my closest friends. Jess is currently a sophomore majoring in nutrition at Russell Sage college. Because her school is close to my own, we have the ability to stay in touch more easily than other high school friends, planning mall trips and double dates when we can.

Helen Schneider


Age: 47

Hometown: Valatie, N.Y.

Relationship: Mother

You can be a parent, and then you can be a parent who has you listen to The Clash or Violent Femmes, and has you read Shakespeare’s plays or a biography about Madame Curie. My mother, Helen Emma Schneider (I share her first, but not her middle, name), also went to the University at Albany, and graduated with a Bachelor’s in theater. She continued to work in theater until I was born, leaving the fast-paced profession to raise me and my three siblings, and now works for New York State’s Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance.

Molly Schneider

Image 1

Age: 18

Hometown: Valatie, N.Y.

Relationship: Sister

Molly was born when I was almost two, and because of that she’s been my oldest friend. We grew up imagining, and later, writing and drawing stories. We’ve sat up late at talking while she sips tea and lets her parakeet dive bomb my head, although now I’m not with her as much as I used to be. She is currently finishing her Senior year of high school, with interests in anthropology, archaeology, and history.

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