On my writing style: now and then.

Screenshot 2015-02-10 23.00.00

I recently rediscovered a blog of mine, called “Fun Facts and Bad Ideas”. I’ve been wondering whether to link the old blog to the other for some time now. I realized my older style of writing, when I wasn’t worrying about AP style or a class grade, was fresher and yet at the same time mature and well-structured. I’d like to incorporate this more opinionated style into my blog, to give life to my lately bland writing. I also dislike having to write personal posts with a journalistic eye. I can’t explain a relationship well without voicing my own bias, opinions, and flowery descriptions. The descriptions I had written on my friends and family felt flat and lacked what these people are really like. I’d like to begin writing personal posts with more voice than my class and news-oriented posts. I don’t like concluding posts either, but overall I’d like to personalize and professionalize my writing style at the same time.


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