Idea: A Visit to the Smallest Town in New York

From Chris Carosa’s blog post, “The Secret of New York’s Smallest Town.”

I go to a university located in our state’s capital city, and I often come across students from New York City and other downstate areas. This is why I’m often heard complaining about my own rural town: how small it is, how it isn’t close to anywhere a college student would want to go, and then there’s the commute time.

However, how would it be to live in town that’s officially the smallest one in the state? That may be Greigsville, NY , a town with a population of 206. The town can be noted for receiving a special delivery of tiny oreos, an antique truck collection and the occasional Sasquatch sightings.

Or maybe it’s Red House, a town with a mere population of 38 and its own folklore and an actual red house. The town has been slowly shrinking due to demolition recently.

So, would it be interesting or beneficial to visit one of these smallest of the small towns? Would there be anything to learn about in these places famous for folklore and shrinking populations? I might not know unless I visit.


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