The Valatie Community Theatre

The Valatie Community Theatre, on Main St., Valatie NY

In 2005, a group of people took an abandoned movie house and decided to turn it into a local theater. Today, the Valatie Community Theatre is still a bit dusty even after years of renovation, but the members remain devoted. The Valatie Community Theatre is a venue for musical and theatrical performances located about in the small village of Valatie about 30 minutes outside of Albany. The program was created as a 50(c)3, a not-for-profit, organization in 2005. The building had originally been built as a movie house in 1926, becoming a community gathering place. The movie house ran until the 1970’s. The last movie shown there was They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? The organization includes a summer youth program, The Valatie Youth Theater, and a string of musical performances starting in the spring. The theatre’s board members had to add a bathroom and a new doorway to the building, as well as renovate the lobby. They hope to add a backstage to the theater, whereas now a brick wall exists behind the curtain. “We’ve got a legacy to leave in terms of building,” says University at Albany professor and theatre board member Craig Hancock, “But we’ve also got a legacy to leave in terms of programming.”

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