The Block: Chevy’s Social Media Site

A downloadable image from Chevy's site

A downloadable image from Chevy’s site “The Block.” The site includes a page of free downloadable images.

Cars made by the division of American manufacturer General Motors, Chevrolet, are known for what could be called their American traits. Built in America, they’re not known for their well-knit design, but rather the fact one can fix a Chevy in their own backyard. It makes sense, then, that Chevy’s social media site, The Block, has a very do-it-yourself attitude.

The site includes a forums page so that fellow Chevy users can discuss anything from car repair to to racing, giving and getting tips and feedbacks on their forums.

The site also includes a page devoted to the various parts that make up a Chevy, with users able to provide feedback under each photo of a part.

Also on The Block is a photo album page, including not only albums from the company itself, but also users, allowing more information on the fixing and building of these cars to be shared.

The Block has its own video page, but their are only videos posted by the company, not by users. If there is anything I’d recommend the site change, it’s to add user videos to the page, allowing more information on building, repair, and other tips to be shared.

The block also has a page, titled “Drivers,” featuring its many members. However, it appears most of the members have not set up their status. That large a group could indicate the site was not made as user friendly as it could be.

With the exception of these few errors, Chevrolet’s social media site The Block gets its image across as an all-American, do-it-yourself car company.

A Youtube video posted on The Block’s video page.

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