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Update: I’m back! And I’m going to real concert before I have to enter real adulthood.


So I had decided to adopt this blog from it’s original form as a college project to regular, personal, maybe news-centric blog. I decided this months ago. And then I had an internship this summer, and I was finishing up with the moving in to my new place with my boyfriend. And then this fall I’ve been splitting time between work, school, my internship, and god knows what else. So I’ve decided I’ll write whenever and whatever I can, and currently I’m listening the the album Astoria by the band Marianas Trench so I’ll write about that.

You might have heard about this band, and you might not have. You’ve probably heard about “Call Me Maybe,” the super-catchy pop-song that was nominated for two Grammys. The lead singer of Marianas TrenchJosh Ramsay, helped produce the song and switched Carly Rae Jepsen’s folk song to a pop hit.

Source: luketheemoji on Tumblr

Source: luketheemoji on Tumblr

The band’s sound is pop-punk packaged into sweeping concept albums. Their last album, Ever Aftertold a sort of Toyland fantasy story. Their newly released album, Astoria, imagines it is the soundtrack of a movie like The Gooniesand so it includes Hollywood-esque instrumental pieces as well as songs resembling Queen or Michael Jackson. I usually will say a band sounds like Queen as a complement, and this is no exception. I like the album, but I’m not the true fan.


The true fan is my boyfriend, Chris, and so, as a combined birthday-Christmas present I bought him VIP tickets to their concert. Then he had a stroke (I’m just kidding but he was freaking out over the news, girlfriend points to me). So I’ll be meeting the band, and I will be going to my first concert that is not a) Full of folks over forty, or b) Full of folks under fourteen (okay this concert might have some younger audience members, pop-punk is teen magnet, but still…). You see, my very first concert was at sixteen, to see the amazing Pink Martini. I loved it, but it was The Egg in Albany, and we (as in me and, yes, my parents) stayed in our seats and listened politely with the mostly older audience (the band creates various vintage sounding pieces sung in numerous languages by the very talented China Forbes).

Source: makeagif

I’ve been to little hole-the-wall venues since, and then, this summer, by a strange turn of events, to the Times Union Center‘s Ariana Grande with a friend of mine who is a fan (no, it’s not me, believe me). It wasn’t my sort of music, and we were surrounded by young girls wearing glow-in-the-dark cat ears, but my friend said it was a nice end to a stressful week for her. Now, though, I can go to an average-sized concert to see a band I enjoy and be able to jump around and dance or even (in the case of my boyfriend) scream my heart out (I’d take out that last jab at Chris, but even he’d admit to it).


All this, and it’s even before I turn 21, which is the age I’ve decided I will be a real adult. Not the weird semi-adult I am now. Well, maybe I’ll still be weird. More than likely, really.

PS: Sorry about all the gifs, but that’s what the kids are doing these days, right?

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The Valatie Community Theatre

The Valatie Community Theatre, on Main St., Valatie NY

In 2005, a group of people took an abandoned movie house and decided to turn it into a local theater. Today, the Valatie Community Theatre is still a bit dusty even after years of renovation, but the members remain devoted. The Valatie Community Theatre is a venue for musical and theatrical performances located about in the small village of Valatie about 30 minutes outside of Albany. The program was created as a 50(c)3, a not-for-profit, organization in 2005. The building had originally been built as a movie house in 1926, becoming a community gathering place. The movie house ran until the 1970’s. The last movie shown there was They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? The organization includes a summer youth program, The Valatie Youth Theater, and a string of musical performances starting in the spring. The theatre’s board members had to add a bathroom and a new doorway to the building, as well as renovate the lobby. They hope to add a backstage to the theater, whereas now a brick wall exists behind the curtain. “We’ve got a legacy to leave in terms of building,” says University at Albany professor and theatre board member Craig Hancock, “But we’ve also got a legacy to leave in terms of programming.”

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A visit to The Low Beat.


On Thursday, I visited The Low Beat , a bar and venue for local bands on Central Avenue in Albany. The reason was to gather photos for a new group project I’m working on with fellow UAlbany students on entertainment in the Capital Region. My focus will be on entertainment venues and businesses in Albany. For now, I my progress includes photos of three of the four bands: The Machina , Deadlight Poets, and Bad Reference .

My “beat” decision.

Most journalists don’t report on just any topic. They choose a beat, or a news category which they focus their writing on. Although this may not be a permanent decision, I’ve decided for at least this semester I will be writing and reporting business stories. I’ve realized I have access to businesses here in the Capital Region to report, as well as an interest in the small businesses in this region.

Story ideas.

I’m considering topics that are either in the area where I live, at the University at Albany campus, or which are in the Capital Region and not specific to campus. So far, I have one broad topic, with a few smaller subtopics.

Business in the Capital Region

I never thought my interests would lead to business journalism. I generally have a distrust of businesses, but this may mean I can gather my information with a grain of salt, so to speak. I also have some knowledge of how stores and other businesses are run on the ground level, as well as contact with several store managers and business owners in my area. My ideas so far include:

What will happen to University at Albany campus center restaurants’ employees, profits, and infrastructure during the time of their being shut down for the campus center renovations? (This may have already been covered earlier when the story of the Campus Center being shut down was reported on.)

How will small businesses be dealing with tax seasons and the new laws and proposals put in place for this year?

Other links and ideas:

New York’s $1 billion broadband program

Sheldon Silver’s Arrest

Weather and other events’ effects

New York job and wage reports

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