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After a long a hiatus: update on my current job situation, and the not-so-good situation for EMS volunteerism in my town

After a hiatus over most of the summer, I am happy to finally write on (in?) my blog to say that am currently employed. In fact, I have two jobs. Shortly after graduation I was hired on as a part-time reporter covering the town of New Scotland for the Altamont Enterprise and have also moved to the town. Since I need to pay rent, I am still also a bank teller, which means half of the week I follow my passion and the other half I put money in a drawer and then take it out again.

One of my more recent articles touches on the decline in volunteerism in many organizations, which has now led to the upcoming closure of the volunteer EMS squad in my town:


Generic ambulance photo-courtesy of Getty Images.


On my writing style: now and then.

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I recently rediscovered a blog of mine, called “Fun Facts and Bad Ideas”. I’ve been wondering whether to link the old blog to the other for some time now. I realized my older style of writing, when I wasn’t worrying about AP style or a class grade, was fresher and yet at the same time mature and well-structured. I’d like to incorporate this more opinionated style into my blog, to give life to my lately bland writing. I also dislike having to write personal posts with a journalistic eye. I can’t explain a relationship well without voicing my own bias, opinions, and flowery descriptions. The descriptions I had written on my friends and family felt flat and lacked what these people are really like. I’d like to begin writing personal posts with more voice than my class and news-oriented posts. I don’t like concluding posts either, but overall I’d like to personalize and professionalize my writing style at the same time.

What I read.

Tracking what you read is similar to making a food log. You realize what you consume makes up who you are, and the end result may or may not be pleasing.

The New York Times’ (Facebook Page)

I go on Facebook with the full intention of wasting time. I scan through the lives of old high school classmates, Buzzfeed quizzes, and advertisements. I consume junk, and so in an effort to stop this I made myself “like” the New York Times’ Facebook page.

Screenshot 2015-01-22 22.51.16

National Geographic’s Instagram

I go on Instagram to bother my fourteen year old sister and put up pictures that indicate I have a life. I also enjoy photography, and after years of stealing my father’s  National Geographic magazines, I discovered a lighter, freer means of enjoying their photos.

Screenshot 2015-01-22 23.19.51

Random online articles on relationship issues

I love the guy I’m with, and I am not going to ruin this relationship. If that means resolving my insecurities with an Elite Daily article on spooning, then so be it.

Screenshot 2015-01-22 23.34.46

“Let’s Explore Diabetes With Owls” by David Sedaris

As a bank teller, I’ve learned that online banking has created long periods of time with no customers, so I bring paperback books to work. Last week it was William Goldman’s “The Princess Bride,” and this week it was David Sedaris’ latest collection of essays. His humor is bitter and self-deprecating, a nice contrast to the fake sweetness I put out at work.


Facebook and Tumblr

“I should list Facebook and Tumblr if I’m being honest, but then I’m gonna seem like a vapid idiot.”


During this past semester.

I may have paid less attention to the news during the winter break, but I read more news media during my classes.

The New York Times (and other online news sites)

I found The New York Times to be the best way to look up the latest news, so I bought a student subscription. However, besides being unable to deliver to my house, the New York Times also seems to enjoy logging me off its site and refusing to allow me on again, which means I can only read so many articles as a non-subscriber. This is why I also read the websites of The Washington Post, BBC News, The Guardian, Times Union, The Huffington Post, and once even the Times of India.


Newsola is a news aggregator website made up of colorful squares, each one containing a link to a news story. The squares are organized by size and shape: the size indicates the relevance designated to the article, the color grouping the article into one of six categories. It’s amusing to click refresh and watch the squares reorganize themselves as new stories appear and old stories become less relevant.

Screenshot 2015-01-27 18.23.47

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