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Update on a current project: Dredging on the Hudson in Rensselaer, NY

Map of former BASF site.

Source: NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation, courtesy of John Strang.

Dredging the Hudson River is more than likely associated with the dredging that occurred in Fort Edwards as a cleanup of PCB’s left behind GE. However, it has been arranged by New York State’s DEC, DOH, and the company BASF that dredging will occur later on this year (though the timing is still uncertain) in order to clean up pollutants left behind by BASF’s former dye factory that operated on Riverside Avenue in Rensselaer from 1986 until 2000.

Riverside Avenue is a small stretch of colorful homes (including an old dutch house converted into a museum) that ends in a sprawl of facilities like Albany Molecular Research Institute and the Port of Rensselaer. Residents of the close-knit community are mostly happy for the cleanup, but concerned about various factors such as odors from the dredged riverbed and traffic.

Full disclosure: my grandfather worked at BASF, although he did not get involved with this story besides my mother relaying one story of his about digging lagoons to catch runoff.

I will be producing a story on this proposed dredging for my internship at the radio station WAMC sometime in May. At this point I should probably say something cheesy that relates back to radio like stay tuned, readers. 

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